On May 19, Technarte conference returned to its original format after the hiatus of the face-to-face editions due to the pandemic. During the 2023 edition, artists, designers and researchers from all over the world gathered to enjoy an unforgettable event with a “live show” at the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao.

During the presentations we were able to enjoy different presentations by artists using all the power of technology: sculptures inspired by sustainable energy and produced through 3D printing and laser cutting; transforming clothes into musical instruments; interactive sound installations through plants; use of AI in art; dance and machine learning, among others.

After the presentations, and after a short break, it was the turn of “Technarte Live” which is a live audiovisual show in which some of the invited artists demonstrated their work. Maria Rita Nogueira dazzled us with a show of artistic dance mixed with machine learning technique, in particular, the detection of human poses; Ferran Lega, made us vibrate with a performance of interactive sound in real time through the bioconductivity of different plants; finally, Phivos-Angelos Kollias through his work “Nostophiliac AI” showed us the power of AI in the generation of both music and visual forms.

Technarte has been exploring the infinite possibilities offered by the fusion between art and technology for several years. In addition to the organization of the Conference – since 2006 in Bilbao and since 2025 in Los Angeles, USA – this company of the Innovalia group offers installation services for corporate events through innovative experiences, transforming technology into emotions and turning any space into a show in itself.