After a month of artistic development and inspirational activities, Technarte Residency Tenerife ends with the presentation of the prototypes by the selected artists.

Guided tours of various scientific-technological facilities in Tenerife and immersion in the unique natural environments that the island offers, shaped the final result of the artistic projects.

Visit to ITER
Technarte Residency Tenerife artists Martin Howse, Cecile Meier and Alejandro Bonnet de León were able to see first-hand the wide variety of activities carried out at this international benchmark research center in renewable energy, engineering, telecommunications, the environment and genomics.

Visit to the Teide Observatory – IAC
The visit to the Teide Observatory, belonging to the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands, allowed the artists of the Technarte Residency Tenerife to learn more about this scientific-technological center, one of the most important in the world in its speciality. They also had the opportunity to observe and photograph the sun, under the supervision of Alfred Rosenberg, an astrophysicist at the IAC.

Visit to the Cave of San Marcos
Martin Howse’s project for Technarte Residency Tenerife included filming in spaces of special geological interest. Alfredo Lainez, from the Benisahare Speleology Group, took us inside the Cueva de San Marcos, in Icod de los Vinos, Tenerife.

Visit to Teide National Park and filming
Also as part of the Martin Howse project, they proceeded to shoot in the Fasnia Volcano, within the Teide National Park.

Technarte Talks at TEA
“Technarte Talks” at the TEA were a window to the world of art and technology, with Tenerife as a privileged setting. The event featured talks by Alejandro Krawietz, Director of Culture of the Cabildo de Tenerife, Nacho Martínez, coordinator of Technarte and the artists of Technarte Residency.

Presentation of the prototypes
The artists presented the Innovalia staff with the prototypes of the works developed during the artistic residency.

Technarte Residency Tenerife, a program promoted by the Cabildo de Tenerife and organized by Technarte, aims to create two projects, one international and the other Canarian, that integrate technology and innovation into their production processes, with the natural environment of Tenerife as scenery and inspiration.