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Lotta Stöver

Media artist

Lotta Stöver is an emerging artist and designer in the fields of media, technologies and research. Her works are driven by a deep interest in the intersections and interdependencies of phenomena and matters aligning, disobeying, transforming, and mutating along with (new) technologies. She works in various media such as installations, electronics, and publications. She is a founding member and co-editor of the ongoing technofeminist publication series href zine. Since 2019, she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Digital Media at the University of the Arts Bremen (Germany), where she is currently based and continues her Master studies.

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1000 Behaviors

1000 Behaviors is an experimental framework for observing and evolving the movement behaviors of a robot. Consisting of nine collaborating servo motor segments that are connected by joints, the robot performs its movements based on generated and processed data to find its most optimized behavior. The movement data of the robot snake are structured in generations, behaviors and units. Each unit represents one motor and contains the values that prescribe the oscillating movements of the motors. Each behavior is formed by nine motors. And each generation consists of 1000 of these behaviors.