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Hedy Hurban

Wearable Tech designer

Hedy Hurban is a designer of costumes, wearable technology interactions and a composer of electronic/electroacoustic music. She is currently working towards her PhD in Digital Art Design at University of Plymouth (UK) where she is designing wearable technology body instruments to be used in new performance practices. Her interest in interlacing sonic and digital art with traditional folk performance practices has led her to create a prototype body instrument inspired by the Whirling Dervishes of Turkey.

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Flamenco Sonic and Dervish Sonic

Wearable technology has become an avenue of creation for innovative designs in the fields of fashion, medicine, military, commercial devices, and the performing arts. The project will design body instruments that are built using embedded sensor systems that emit sounds based on the gestures and movements of a wearer. The design of these garments is inspired by the traditions of the Mevlevi Dervishes of Turkey and Spanish Flamenco. These practices have deep historical traditions that have developed over centuries and are recognisable the world over. The objective is to combine these body instruments in a fusion of these traditions using electronic sound, digital visuals, music, and dance.