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Hakan Lidbo

Artist and inventor

Following a career in electronic music with more than 350 records released, Hakan Lidbo explores new ideas within interactive art, music, robotics, games, urban planning, and design fiction. He is also the founder of Rumtiden Idea Lab in Stockholm Sweden.

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Face Lab

A series of projects aiming to explore the outer limits of how we use our face as an interpreter of our environment – or for our fellow humans to interpret what is going on in our minds. A face analysing the emotional state of the carrier, a face that pixelate your real face in real life, a face that allows your digital avatar to enter the physical world, a hat that helps you keeping 1,5 meter distance to your fellow citizens, a face that reflects what’s on your computer screen, a face that is a musical instrument for deeper emotional expressions, a face that blocks eyesight and replace it with a 360° vibration sense, a face that blocks close communication but can listen to people far away and talk back to them.