Data revolution comes to art

Data is revolutionizing both the world and the art industry. Data Art challenges traditional art conventions by using information as an expressive medium and encouraging a deeper understanding of the digital age in which we live. This art form questions our relationship with technology and how we perceive and understand the world around us.

Data Art is a contemporary art form that utilizes data as its primary raw material. Data artists collect, analyze, and visualize datasets to create artworks that explore concepts, narratives, or phenomena. This approach combines artistic creativity with data science and information visualization, thus creating a unique fusion of art and technology.

In Data Art, data can come from various sources such as public databases, social networks, sensors, or even the artist’s own personal data. These data are transformed and presented in innovative ways, which may include interactive visualizations, multimedia installations, computer-generated sculptures, or even real-time performances. The goal is not only to effectively communicate information but also to evoke emotions, reflections, and debates in the viewer.

At Technarte we have spent years exploring the endless possibilities offered by the fusion of art and technology.
In its 19 editions, technarte conference has hosted renowned international artists and researchers working on the infinite possibilities offered by the fusion of art and technology.

At this year’s conference to be held on May 17, 2024, London-based artist Seph Li will give a presentation entitled “相/Phase”
about an interactive, algorithmic artwork, exploring how the abstract, mathematical and basic rules of physics evolve into our infinitely varied, macro and observable/tangible world of organisms and things. This is just a sample of the high-level speakers selected for this year’s conference. Discover new are trends on Generative Art, Data Art, AI Art, Bio Art, sonification and performance at Technarte 2024