Seph Li

Media artist

London, UK

Seph Li uses technology to create poetic interactive experiences within defined systems. He searches for dynamic equilibriums in nature and re-imagines them into interactive systems through digital technology. Dynamic fluids, flocking fishes, and physics hypothesis are some of the concepts that serves as an entry point for Seph’s abstract artworks. In his interactive systems, the artist defines the rule, the content is co-created by algorithmic code and visitor interactions.

Seph holds bachelor degrees in Computer Science and Digital Design from Tsinghua University in Beijing, and MFA from Design|Media Arts department in UCLA. Seph’s work has been exhibited internationally in China, Japan, the U.S., Spain, Brazil and the UK.


/Phase is an interactive, algorithmic artwork, exploring how the abstract, mathematical and basic rules of physics evolve into our infinitely varied, macro and observable/tangible world of organisms and things. Visitors experience /Phase physically in the space and use a bespoke device to influence its infinite outcomes. /Phase is a visual manifestation of physicist Stephen Wolfram’s theory that the universe is comprised of “a set of simple rules, that with repetition and expansion, could contain infinite possibilities for creation”.