19 May



Live Shows & Cocktail

Palacio Euskalduna

María Rita Nogueira

“FORMS – A performance installation”

In this performance installation, the artist presents a new artistic experience results from the intersection between movement and machine learning technique, in particular, human pose detection. This intersection provides the creation of visual results which enrich the dance performance, in real-time.

Ferrán Lega

“Rootsounds: ritmos a través de paisajes sonoros interactivos basados en plantas”

Real-time interactive sound performance through the bioconductivity of different plants. The artist uses the electrical processes of the plants and transforms them into MIDI signals that are read by synthesizers. With this data an experimental music session is generated in which the interaction of the public with the plants will modify the signals received, transforming the soundscape of the performance space.

Phivos-Angelos Kollias

“Nostophiliac AI”

On the musical side, an AI feedback network that listens to familiar sound objects generates a continuous sound transformation. On the visual side, a Generative Adversarial Network represents a collective artificial memory and perception.
Each time, the sound and image transformations create a personal narrative, a phrase, a gesture for the spectator. The results generate a collective manipulation of nostalgia.