Xin Wen & JJ Agcaoili

Artists, designers, engineers

London, UK

Xin Wen & JJ Agcaoili are founders of Many Projects, and an artist-designer-engineer duo working in between the physical and digital. Xin is a Chinese American experience designer and maker with a multidisciplinary background in environmental psychology, spatial design, design strategy, and handcrafting. JJ is a Filipino artist and visual designer with experience in immersive technology, including 3D animation, VR, AR, machine learning, and web3 technologies. They are united by their interest in creating novel yet deeply human experiences on individual and collective levels through nuances of space, atmosphere, scale, and interactions.

Their collaborative journey began during their studies in the MA/MSc Global Innovation Design programme at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London. Their latest media architecture film, EMERGE:NCY (2023), was featured on prominent screens in London, Berlin, and Milan and won the CIRCA Public Vote Prize (2023). Their debut media architecture film exploration Box Body (2022) was a part of Singapore Art Week (2023), Ars Electronica Festival (2023), and was a finalist at the Media Architecture Biennale (2023) and the Global Design Graduate Show (2023).

Living Screen: Digital Surfaces for Visceral Experiences

Living Screen is an unique film-based production technique that produces instantaneous 3D visuals on uniquely shaped screens, bypassing the need for computer-generated imagery (CGI). The technique simplifies naked-eye 3D graphics production for the uniquely-shaped screen spaces that have been increasingly popular in out-of-home (OOH) advertising around global billboards. We first developed this technique for Box Body, an immersive architecture media piece that debuted during Singapore Art Week. By using an external camera to capture a live view of the street, the performer was able to have real-time interactions with the audience, elevating the immersive experience, and effectively turning the screen into a live performance space.