17 May



Live Shows & Cocktail

Palacio Euskalduna

Cora Gasparotti

Sonified Proprioception Technique – S.P.T.


The possibility of being able to “listen to your own movement” allows you to create a methodology that integrates listening, understood as an active, introspective and conscious state of the body, and auditory listening, in order to reduce distractions and give an almost tangible form to the intention of the movement itself.

The audience will be invited to experiment with the S.P.T. system, under the supervision of the artist herself.

Enrico Dorigatti



[in.tangibile] is an interactive sound art installation that confronts visitors with two main concepts. On the one hand, it imposes a reflection on the materiality of sound, which, although often referred to as an ‘object’ in the musical art world, remains nevertheless impalpable, formless, and elusive.

Secondly [in.tangibile] centralizes the visitor’s role in the artistic creation process. According to Umberto Eco’s theorisation, an artwork is not an accomplished and unchangeable fact but rather an artifact that only finds its completeness in the combination of the construct created by the artist, the interaction with the audience, and the assimilation process that this latter enacts.

Kenneth Lambert



The Stasis project, blending technology, art, and human narrative, is notable in generative art. It uses data portraiture to transcend traditional art forms, offering a digital perspective on refugee and asylum seekers’ experiences. This project dissects the complexities of this innovative approach, analysing how Stasis translates personal stories into abstract data, fostering empathy and understanding. It also probes the ethical aspects and the role of such art in influencing social and humanitarian discourse.