Nick Moser | Robb Pope

Fabrication & Lighting Designers

Nick has decades of experience in custom fabrication for architectural spaces, and currently devotes his expertise to large scale custom architectural features. From fine art to decorative features and interactive brand moments, his unique skill set of design, technical, and material knowledge allows for complex forms and interactivity. His team works with architects, designers and engineers in a collaborative fashion to accomplish works of a stunning scale, complexity and attention to detail.

Robb Pope founded Digital Ambiance after 5 years of concert touring as a lighting designer and video engineer. Recognizing the growing market for innovative lighting projection and interactive installations he put together a team of artists and engineers to design and build the architectural lighting installations Digital Ambiance is now known for. Using a combination of addressable LED, projection mapping, and new sensor technology, Digital Ambiance is pushing the boundaries of what it means to create architectural lighting and new media installations.


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