Olga Albillos


Seville, Spain

Installation artist, imbued with an interactive discourse, Olga Albillos’ research delves into creation of spaces for viewer participation, through the use of electronic devices. Spaces created or intervened always with the expectation of a reflection on the communication between art and technology. She is aimed at research regarding the intrinsic space-time in wandering through the exhibition space and the viewer’s response to the place, creating an action-reaction of the proposed work itself.

She’s a PhD researcher in the research group TIC247: Art Science Technology Engineering Research: Innovation, Synergies and Methodologies at the University of Seville. In addition, she is part of the Department of Sculpture and History of Fine Arts of the University of Seville as an Honorary Assistant.

Reactive systems in artistic installation: Fireflies that tremble

We reduce daily life to basic needs forgetting that in essence, it is the mystical that brings human beings closer to meager  happiness, if that exists. Taking this premise to art is possible if at the time of creating, the artist is able to balance the tangible, the spiritual, the simple and the transcendent.

In Olga Albillos’ work all these ideas converge. Her production addresses installations, the digital and the deep. Each installation tells a small emotional story, intimate, but global, with which alludes to uncomfortable realities through disturbing objects that stir the ideas from which her reasoning is based.