Kate Reed

Independent researcher

Boston, USA

Kate Reed is a Boston-based designer connecting humans, computers and the natural world through wearable interfaces. Kate built her first wearable when she was 13, before the introduction of the Apple Watch. Since then, she has designed, engineered and built hundreds of wearable computers. After becoming the first graduate of the MIT-backed NuVu Studio, Kate received dual undergraduate degrees from Brown University and The Rhode Island School of Design.

Her designs and inventions have been featured at the White House, New York Fashion Week, Boston Fashion Week, the Museum of Design Atlanta, the Boston Children’s Museum, the Hackaday Superconference, the MIT Museum, and more.

Digital Darwinism

Digital Darwinism highlights the importance of making the Metaverse multi-species by including other biological stakeholders in the design process. If the Metaverse is grown to include more than humans through digital twins, and other methods, it can create an authentic archive preserving the biodiversity of the planet while producing a biophilia effect that eases humans into synthetic virtual environments. This will ensure that natural processes are documented and protected through digital means that will last forever, thus creating an archive of natural solutions that can be referenced and applied to our human problems.