Cora Gasparotti

Digital Choreographer

Rome, Italy

Italian performer, choreographer, researcher and actress, Cora Gasparotti is among the most active exponents of new technologies for the performing arts and dance, being among the first choreographers to create performance projects in existing Metaverses. Member of the Casa Paganini InfoMus research and development team in Genoa and of the International Dance Council – UNESCO, her research pushes her into new technologies, such as motion capture, metaverse, AR, VR and sonification, in search of a new digital humanity for the performing arts.

Sonified Proprioception Technique – S.P.T.

The possibility of being able to “listen to your own movement” allows you to create a methodology that integrates listening, understood as an active, introspective and conscious state of the body, and auditory listening, in order to reduce distractions and give an almost tangible form to the intention of the movement itself.

The fundamental objective of the S.P.T. project is to allow the dancer and the teacher to be able to exploit the proprioceptive effect of sonification in order not to have to refer to the mirror for the correction of movement qualities, creating a constant immersive and interactive environment through sound.