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Phivos-Angelos Kollias

Composer, digital artist, researcher

Dr. Phivos-Angelos Kollias explores emerging technologies’ creative potential and their impact on our society. By combining his classical music background and knowledge of innovative techniques and concepts, he creates digital projects that explore how technology can be used for artistic expression. His projects often take the form of interactive sound installations, virtual reality, music performances, and video games, aiming to push the boundaries of creative expression and give voice to the challenges and opportunities that technology brings.

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Nostophiliac AI

We interact daily with algorithms that emulate human perception and collective memory. By trying to communicate with us, the algorithms sound, look and behave more and more like us by reflecting our perception and memory back to us.
What if those AI tools become instruments of manipulation by tackling the spectator’s sense of familiarity using shared cultural signs, tropes, or archetypes?
We investigate and explore the relationship between collective and individual memory reflected and manipulated through AI: the concept of the “found object” and its algorithmic transformation of meaning.