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maría rita nogueira

Performer and Interaction designer

Maria Rita Nogueira did her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Design and Multimedia, at the University of Coimbra, Portugal, the city where she was born. Also a contemporary dancer, in her research she explores the symbiosis between art, design and technology. The creation of visual graphic compositions, as a response to human interaction, is the focus of her work. Her research has been selected for funding by the Foundation for Science and Technology under the aegis of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education of the Government of Portugal.

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FORMS – A performance installation

Human pose detection is a research field that has provided different works on the analysis of body movement. Contemporary dance is a performing art that integrates beautiful human poses resulting from simple and complex movements. In this performance installation, the artist presents a new artistic experience results from the intersection between movement and machine learning technique, in particular, human pose detection. This intersection provides the creation of visual results which enrich the dance performance, in real-time.