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Sound artist

Ferran Lega holds a PhD in Fine Arts (2014), and was awarded with an extraordinary doctorate prize (2015) by the Universitat de Barcelona. He combines artistic practice in sound art with university teaching. In the artistic field he has exhibited his work linked to sound, landscape and territory in different art centres, galleries and museums both nationally and internationally.

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Human Pulses

Human pulses is an artistic research project that takes the form of an interactive sound installation. The relationship between human beings and the universe has always been linked to the visualization of the cosmos. This project, based on the work Pulsar, geometrias del kosmos, already exhibited in different exhibition centres, aims to delve into the formation of stellar nodes through the relationship of the transformation of the light levels of a room into sound pulses that are projected onto 8 speakers that generate cymatic forms on a fluid, generating visual patterns that take on the form of different types of stellar wave flows.