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Camille Baker

Interactive artist, researcher , curator

Camille Baker is an artist within various art forms: immersive experiences, participatory performance and interactive art, mobile media art, tech fashion/soft circuits/DIY electronics, responsive interfaces and environments, and emerging media curating. Maker of participatory performance and immersive artwork, Baker develops methods to explore expressive non-verbal modes of communication, extended embodiment and presence in real and mixed reality and interactive art contexts, using XR, haptics/ e-textiles, wearable devices and mobile media.

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‘INTER/her: Intimate Journey inside the Female Body’ is an immersive installation and Virtual Reality artwork focussing on post-reproductive diseases that for women over 30 can often experience, including: endometriosis, fibroids, polyps, ovarian and other cysts, as well as more serious cervical, ovarian, uterine and endometrial cancers. The project is an intimate immersive exploration of the inner world of women’s bodies and the reproductive diseases they can suffer. The focus of INTER/her is on female health and is intended as a personal exploration, conversation starter, and community builder.