Technarte has announced the winner of the scholarship winner of the scholarship of artistic residence Art in Antarctica, a cultural programme that started up because of the responsibility of taking care of the Antarctic heritage and the environment of our planet. This opportunity is an artistic and technologic challenge organised by Technarte in collaboration with the Fine Arts Faculty from the Basque Country University  / EHU and the Antarctic National Management of the Argentine Republic and, and its aim is to choose an artistic project based in the Antarctic Continent and in the direct relationship with technology.

This photography belongs to the project "Bone of water"

This photography belongs to the project “Bone of water”

After the presentation of the six finalist projects, Teresa Jareño, a twenty-seven- years-old student, has been chosen to travel in November to the Argentine Antarctic bases of Marambio, Esperanza or Carlini and develop their work in a unique conditions and an inspiring environment.

The winner project, “Bone of water”, has as its main goal the creation of an acoustic environment of the Antarctica taking into account the lack of native human population and the absence of culture this fact means. Through the fusion of different natural resources and musical instruments made out of the materials present there, the artist will try to create a unique acoustic expression.“Due to the queer personality that characterizes the Antarctic Continent, it must be allowed to develop a different voice so it can be acknowledged in all the different available ways” has pointed out the winner of the scholarship.

Among the activities promoted by Technarte, the development of artistic projects in scientist environments establishes an opportunity to continue the research on the relationship between art, science and technology, generating new ways of understanding the science and technologic world in a more creative and playful way. In the other hand, this relationship allows the materialization of new and innovative art disciplines which cause a revolution in the way we connect with the art world.