Technarte Bilbao comes to Euskalduna Centre as the can’t-miss event about the art that finds in technology and science its inspiration, its tools and its territory.

XIV Technarte Conference, May 16 – 17 at Euskalduna Conference Centre, Bilbao, will bring together artists, designers and researchers from around the world.

Dance in synchronization with drones, artificial intelligence algorithms able to create art or hold discussions on politics, 3D printing applications in fashion and glass casting, painting that comes to life on a stage, sounds inspired by Venice or the flow of data from a stem cell to Twitter… are some examples of the very wide range of topics to be discussed.

Technarte has spent years exploring the endless possibilities offered by the fusion of art and technology. In addition to organizing the Conferences — since 2006 in Bilbao y and since 2015 in Los Angeles, USA — the company, as part of Innovalia Group, provides services by creating innovative experiences, transforming technology into emotions and turning any space into a show in itself.