He is a telecommunications engineer, specializing in electronics. He is the founder and CEO of Datapixel in Spain. In addition, he is a member of the Executive Committee of the European Machine Vision Association (EMVA), as well as several international standards committees, including the OSIS (Optical Sensor Interface Standard) committee of ia.cmm.

DataPixel is manufactures the OptiScan non-contact dimensional inspection systems and a very high precision 3D vision technology developer. In addition, Datapixel is the father of M3Software, a digital metrology software that is revolutionizing measurement processes.

Datapixel has been designing, manufacturing and marketing OptiScan 3D and solutions for quality control in the manufacture of automotive and aeronautical components for 18 years. DataPixel optical scanners allow you to capture and control the dimensions and 3D shapes of various parts, such as metal stamping components that are part of the bodywork, fuselage carbon fiber parts or wings of aircraft, mechanized parts of engines, turbine blades of engines or technical pieces of plastic.

DataPixel scanners are internationally accepted and allow manufacturing companies to perform dimensional inspections with micrometer accuracies. Datapixel also manufactures optical sensors that allow the measurement of small parts with nanometer accuracies for the most accurate systems.