Borja de la Maza, director of Technarte, presents two of the creations of Technarte Studio: Network Dancers and, the artistic evolution of this same work, Network Dancers NI, at the conference.

Network Dancers is a universal work on human emotions through the interpretation of an immense amount of data transmitted with mobile devices and converted into a piece of art: the hyperconnected human being.

The Network Dancers #9 from Technarte on Vimeo.

Emotions manifest in a similar way in all human beings. Joy, pain, love, sadness, anger, disgust, pride, envy, happiness … we are able to feel a wide range of emotions throughout our lives and around each of the days we live, although those emotions do not we show them in the same way given that they correspond to something absolutely personal. Each emotion arouses reactions in different parts of our body. No matter the race, sex or customs, human beings share the same emotions although we represent them in different ways. It is an emotional physical map with a universal character.

The human body represents a map of emotions that remains alive and changing over time and that reacts as a biological mechanism that prepares us to respond to the environment, either to defend ourselves or to enjoy each situation.

If the body itself is a map of our own emotions, over the last few years, mobile devices have been used to monitor on the one hand these same emotions in applications related to health, sports, wellness, or simply to share these same emotions with friends, family and even strangers in social networks.

The final work collects and visualizes the emotions of different people through the use of their own smartphones. Under this simple premise, the software interprets the different data transmitted through the smartphones of each one of the “tracked” people, resulting in the visualization of the mood and emotional state of each of these people in real time in a facility. It is a visual representation of the voice and data connections intertwined with human feelings and emotions. Big data technology captures in real time the information of the connections of the users of the network of Orange Spain, the company that carried out the commissioning of the work. The data flows lengthen, widen and change their form as dancers to the music; Emotions endow them with color, light and movement, and this is how we observe the transformation of the physical into digital.