Amaia Vicente is currently developing an international PhD research in the department Art and Technology in the University of the Basque Country, and Austria, in the Kunst Universität Linz, in “Interface Cultures”. From the labor in the Artistic Research (“Interface and interaction as social channelizers of the body”), Amaia is interesting specifically in performative potential of the body through its interaction with technology and its meaning and bio_political representation inside the culture, just like the interaction and communication between those bodies in our technological environments.

She has completed a Master’s Degree in “Contemporary, Technological and Performative Art” (2014 – 2016) in UPV-EHU, and a Master’s Degree in “Research in Feminist and Gender Studies” (2008 – 2010).

In 2017 Amaia obtained a residence grant; “Shedding The Skin”, curated by Txema Aguiriano (ES), Enrique Tomás, Linz, Austria (AT) and one exhibition with “Trans_mutatations” in AFO, Architekturforum Oberösterreich, Linz, Upper Autria (AT). The same year, she was selected for “Kaleartean, Festival de arte efímero”, with “Tra_n_s_fronterizo”, Basauri, Basque Country (ES), she was in “Bilbao Art District”, “Día a Día”, Bilbao, Basque Country (ES), and “FABRA I COATS. CENTRE D´ART CONTEMPORANI”, “6ª Bienal de Aguja e Hilo”, Barcelona (ES), and one guest lecture and publication in “Inmersiones 2018. Maleducados”, with the papers “Yo quiero ser una maleducada”. In 2016 she finished her Research studies, “Erasmus +”, Master “Interface Culture”, Kunst Universität Linz, Austria (AT), and was selected for ARS ELECTRÓNICA FESTIVAL “Radical Atoms and the alchemists of our time.


The Interface Body in Interactive Artistic Installations

The traditional approach towards visual perception in the post-industrial and cyber culture, a referent of our information era, is to go inside our body and mind, in the real world, and change them. From my work in my Artistic Research I am interested specifically in the interface body action and its meaning and representation inside its culture, just like the interaction and communication between the bodies. The main objective of my works is to investigate the interactive and technological environments with the human body and its identity. I attempt to deconstruct a series of questions and reflexions that relate to the body and its symbol, subject and image, organism and identity, reality-unreality.


TRANS_MUTATIONS from Maiuska Maia on Vimeo.


Since 2010 my works include sound and video as new materials to produce pieces. It’s here that I developed an interest in audio, associated with the pursuit of this idea of the deconstruction of the body and its symbolic representation, and bringing new questions into the work. This has also led me to understand the body as performative entity, an interface, generator, detonator, in a context of absolute media globalization. In this sense my work seeks to cause physical responses in the people who interact with the pieces through various technological devices related to sound and video. In this search I attempt to strip the sign-body, to alter it, to transform or destroy it to create new semiotic languages while interacting with the viewers through their senses.