The belgian artist Frederik De Wilde will talk about nanotechnology and will explain the creating of the blackest black material in the universe in combination with 3D printing. As case study, he will use 2 artworks; a) M1NE#1 and b) Quantum Object #1. He will also explore the creative potential of hacking the substrate of our universe; quantum noise and how to render it into a 3D printed sculpture.

Nanoart blackart

The connections between art and science, and the potential outcome of cross linking both, are of great interest to the speaker. Art and science should each be evaluated on their own merit, and are both equally important in our quest to understand our world and to enrich our experiences. For the author physics is one of the greatest mystery of them all, the mystery of understanding the fabric of reality.

Come to Technarte and discover the blackest black art in the universe with Frederik De Wilde. There’ll be a journey focused on 3D scanning and printing for art, architecture and design.