Since 2006, Technarte has been epicenter of the most innovative ideas and futuristic visions. Every year Technarte invites artists, scientists and researchers from all around the world to present the amazing projects they are involved in. Every year, Technarte dedicates one of the two journeys to specific topic; this year, it will be Big Data. You will enjoy a six presentations tour across the spectrum of artistic and technological fields to show up the ideas of the future.

Technarte is a place where the different art genres are blended into a cloud of Technology. Biotechnology, robotics, interactive exhibitions, virtual reality and real-time graphics are juxtaposed here to allow the visitor to organize and understand the information in space, interact and communicate with our surroundings and get an impression on experimental ways of Art, Science and Technology. Come to Technarteand explore the contrasts between human and machine, technology and emotion.

On Broadway

You are warmly welcome to enjoy a unique experience. We are sure your emotions will be raised and you will find the inspiration in new artistic trends and the most innovative technological developments. This is also an exclusive occasion to visit Bilbao – a modern, distinctively original town where innovative ideas and arts reflect the pulse of the most recent times.

Only 3 weeks left! Register online and don’t miss this chance and come to Technarte! We are looking forward to see all of you in Bilbao.