We are pleased to announce the resolution of the START TECHNARTE LA PALMA call, artist residency program in astronomical observatories to encourage creation and creativity in technological and scientific environments.

JessieThe project SOUL OF SOL LA PALMA (Soul of Sun La Palma) from the Australian-born artist Jessie Hughes, has been selected as beneficiary of the artist residence TECHNARTE START LA PALMA.

Jessie Hughes is an artist with a wide experience having held exhibitions in New York, San Diego or Sydney among others.

The main goal of the project will be to create an interactive installation that allows the display of astrophysical data, in this case the sun, creating emotional experience empathy between man and life.

The call START TECHNARTE LA PALMA has received about 150 projects from 40 countries across 5 continents with a high level of technical and artistic quality, confirming the creative potential of artists around the world through the merger of ART, SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY.

From TECHNARTE again we want to congratulate all participants for the projects submitted.

In addition to the winner project, it has been selected five finalists considered as remarkable projects.

  • JIAYI YOUNG. EE. UU. California. Project: “Message in the Sky La Palma”.
  • DAVID GANN. Germany. Karlsruhe. Project: “The evolution of Galaxies”.
  • CHRISTIAN SCHNEIDER. Switzerland. Zurich. Project: “La Palma Patterns”
  • DAVID REYES. Spain. Canary Islands. Project: “Skies from La Palma, new visions”
  • ALEXANDRA CARR. England. London. Project: “As seen from’/’Axes Mundi”.

Among the activities promoted by Technarte, the development of artistic projects in scientist environments establishes an opportunity to continue the research on the relationship between art, science and technology, generating new ways of understanding the science and technologic world in a more creative and playful way. In the other hand, this relationship allows the materialization of new and innovative art disciplines which cause a revolution in the way we connect with the art world.