New Landscapes: Networks and Data the recent artistic and conceptual investigations of Esther are focused on how the Complexity Theory and complex thinking affect our way of understanding the new contemporary cities: multi-networked and data-constructed landscapes. The artist suggests a method capable of coding the language that is used there consisted of using tridimensional and multimedia instalative language.

New Landscapes: Networks and Data, by Esther Pizarro

Her recent project, Liquid Mapping :: connected to… represents the cartography of how Spanish Geography is connected to the rest of the planet through underwater cabling, the true information highways of the 21st century. The result is a big glass-tube system, through which electroluminiscent cables are placed, sorted by different colors that repesent the installation year. The blinking light interacts with an audio track in form resulting on light impulses (data emission). The whole is connected to a diagram that runs along the the complete vertical canvas of the room and shows the evolution of this liquid cartography in time (by years of activity) using light screens, lines and data.