DARKSTAR is an homage to the city, space and time.  The symbolic connection between the Moon, the Earth’s satellite, a Star and people living in the present moment, moves back from a systematic celebration of the past. It reflects the everyday and reminds people of the “here are now”. DARKSTAR does not give tribute to entities in historic context (politicians, soldiers, religious leaders, etc.). Instead, DARKSTAR is something universal, we can all relate to it.

The installation is a huge sphere that reflects moon phases, counts minutes and interacts with the public. The size of the illuminated part of the Moon equals the illuminated part of DARKSTAR. The illuminated part then reflects the movements of people in its immediate surroundings, as it lights up when people come closer and their signals (audio, cell phones, wi-fi, etc.) are translated into light patterns.


DARKSTAR is a semi-utopian monument for the urban dweller. An ode to black matter, to the void, the space in between, to speed, time and its passing.

Martin Bricelj is the president of MoTA – Museum og Transitory Art of Ljubljana. He is a visual and media artist and cultural activist. His works, audiovisual performances and several collaborations research the relation between man and machine, social aspects of contemporary pop culture, future monumentalism and political dimensions of our medi­ated realities.

Martin will talk about DARKSTAR in Technarte, he’ll explain the technical and artistic implications of the project. Don’t miss the opportunity and come to Technarte and meet this fantastic Slovenian artist.