It was Antartica in first place, and now it is the Astronomical Observatory of the Roque de los Muchachos on the island of La Palma. Technarte prepares one more time an artistic residence program in a unique, exceptional and almost impossible place to reach for the common of mortals. Only accessible through a scientific or artistic program just as the one offered in these international calls in la Isla de La Palma.

Start poster

Art is no longer what it used to be. The fusion between art, science and technology is revolutionizing a field that had been totally traditional until not too long ago, on top of that the way emerging technology is being used by the artists is changing our view when it comes to address artworks. On the other hand, the creative and production artwork process is immersed in a continuous evolution where the artist is not the only entity imbued with protagonism, it is due to the connection between the artist and the scientific environments that the creative possibilities multiply.
With this claim where an artista is embedded in a scientific environment, Technarte, along with  the Initiative and Turism Center of Tedote of La Palma has launched START Technarte, a new artistic residence call, this time based in the Astronomical Observatory of the Roque de los Muchachos on the island of La Palma, where the Canarian Astrophysics Institute harbors its unique “Gran Telescopio de Canarias”, one of the most important astronomical observation arrays of the world. It is in this barren place located in the Garafia peaks at an altitude of 2,396 meters and close to Tarburiente’s cauldron where the fairest and best skies of the world can be found. It’s not a coincidence for this place to have been chosen to keep the biggest Cherenkov telescope of the northern hemisphere. A large telescope of 23 meters of diameter whose construction begins this week with the presence of the recently awarded Physics Nobel Takaaki Kajit. The same place chosen by Technarte to hold its artistic residence calls.
For a month, an international artist will stay with scientists of the astronomical observatorium to create an artwork strictly connected with technology and the astronomical observation. Stars, nebulae, galaxies and millions of hidden data in the universe that an artist will transform into an universal artwork.

It is a unique opportunity for an artist who wants not only to explore the boundaries of our universe, but his or her own creative limits as well. By getting in touch with the scientific environment of the astronomical observatorium, the gates of the universe will be opened. Millions of data related to light, the main tool astronomers have been using during thousands of years to know the universe.

The START Technarte call will be open until the 15th of November for any international artist who wants to live a unique experience in life.