Last December 21st, the Innovalia group celebrated the usual Winter Convention at the facilities of Trimek (Altube, Alava) and Technarte prepared a small appetizer for the occasion. Linking it to the recent launch of the Innovalia Digital brand, we developed a display composed of different videos on the last projects of the group of companies, and we projected them on some 3D letters that were 3 meters long by 1 meter high. The result was an interactive set of lights, which did not only followed the initially defined projection pattern, but also reacted to the sound stimuli of its surroundings, noting a high degree of sensitivity.


Videomapping Convención Innovalia / Innovalia Winter Convention from Technarte on Vimeo.


It is a completely customizable installation that can be adapted to any type of company or social event. It requires a much lower budget than any installation that implies plasma or LCD displays.

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